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Indie-Developed Financial Simulation Game with over 1,000 players hits milestone


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Klaus-Martin Scheuer

Aarbergen, Germany 28 October 2021 — Released on 13 August 2021 is heading to 2,000 active players in the first 100 days. is a web game which let the player be part of a player-made financial market. You do not only experience the dynamics of a stock market, you take part in it and move it through your actions. As a trader or CEO of companies that are listed at the stock exchange you make the market. The market is based on user actions only.

„ is a player-controlled financial market simulation in which the players can start, run and own businesses and trade in stocks of these companies and other securities. The players have a direct influence on the price of the securities through their trading. The game offers a self-sufficient market system that can be influenced by every player participating.

In contrast to some other stock market games, Alpha-Trader is a long-term game so you can play without any restrictions. The game is fully playable for free even though you could still buy gold access for some additional comfort. The game is open to everyone, schoolchildren, students, adults, and retirees. The game is available both on the game’s website and as an app in the play store in English or also in German.“

This unique idea was introduced by the developer of, Klaus-Martin, to make it easier for players to understand the financial market dynamics. This game is available to players for free, and there is no pay to win restrictions. Players can simply use the Alpha coin miner to get started with their portfolios. This new web game offers a complete financial experience to players.

The game is playable through the mobile application or with a PC browser. Players can sign up for an account and then start their financial journey in this game. There are countless things to explore and exploit in this game. The overall experience can be overwhelming at first, but the guide makes it easier to navigate this financial simulator. 

The players can run their own business and trade stocks of various securities in the market. Similar to the actual market, traders determine the prices of these securities. This financial platform offers a self-sufficient exchange where market participants have direct influence depending upon their portfolio.

The idea behind this web game was to develop something realistic but still playful. So, that way, players can financially educate themselves while still having fun in this simulation. Moreover, the community feature will continue to flourish from chat rooms to message boards as more players join this game. 

The developer, Klaus-Martin, wanted to create a platform where players had complete freedom. Players can bring their creativity to life and dominate the market within the boundaries of the law. Klaus-Martin plans to develop the game further to add new features and accommodate player suggestions. He is committed to providing a realistic experience to the players. This web game will surely be among one of the top financial simulators in the coming years. 

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