Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20210803)

More Corporate Identity

There are more cartoon images in the Alpha-Trader style on every page.


Expert Mode

Beginners automatically do not start in the expert mode. The expert mode offers more information and features aimed for advanced players. It can be activated in the top bar.

Expert mode

Security Descriptions and Reports

You can add multi-languague short and detailed description texts to your companies, bonds etc. If you want to attach reports, you can do this by adding ‚other‘ texts.


Gold Access

If you do not have enough free time or you want to support the game, you can purchase a gold access offering a bunch of comfort features. You can choose a regular subscription or buy gift cards.

Gold users can use GAD (good after date) orders that are good after a certain date and will be hidden in the orderbook until then. They can use GTD (good till date) orders that will be cancelled after a given date. Additionally they can let the order limit change every hour.

Gold Features

Gold users can choose a custom ASIN for newly founded companies.

Custom ASIN

They can also let the system pay them automatically.

Automatic payments

If you want to make the game wider known and get a 10% gold bonus for it, use the advertise page.

Advertise page

You can use your referral ID for that and choose from a variety of pre-defined social media texts.

Referral ID

If you want to get a gift card (31 or 366 days each) for yourself or a friend, you can purchase them on the gift card page. This is also possible without being logged in.

Gift cards

It is also possible to immediately buy gold days as a gift to a user (including yourself).

Give gold as present

To check your purchases and download invoices etc. use the ‚Purchases‘ site.


Check the My Gold page for your own gold account.

My Gold

Bank Transfer

You can now transfer money from your private account into corporate or other private accounts. Be aware of that only private bank accounts are allowed to do so in order to protect shareholders.

Bank Transfers


OHLC (open-high-low-close) Charts

You can browse historic price chart data by using the Listing Development table on the security’s site. The OHLC chart will present the currently active data from the table.

OHLC Chart

One Click Polls

It is now possible to casts vote on all polls with one single click. You can choose to only cast harmless votes. A harmless poll is initiated by yourself or on a company that is not controlled by yourself or by an alliance member of an alliance you are member in.

Single-click votes

Music Player

You can listen to royalty free in-game music with the new music player. The music is synced between tabs. It pauses when leaving the game and continues automatically when returning. If you open a alpha-trader page it will automatically continue playing too.

Music player

Social Media Sharing

You can now share pages on social media. Just click on the share button and pick the desired social network. If you want to attach a screenshot of the page you are currently visiting from the perspective and the resolution of your user, just check the ‚Screenshot‘ checkbox.

Social media

Language Change without Logout

A language change without a re-login is now possible in the sidebar at anytime.

Language Change

Alpha-Trader Social Media Accounts and History

If you want to stay updated, please subscribe to our social media accounts or get yourself informed with some background information on ‚About AT‘ pages. You can also access a ton of images on our ‚Media‘ page.

Social Media

Emojis in Chats

If you enter a text-based emoji in chat, it will automatically replaced by emoji itself. Currently it supports:


  • : – ) : )
  • ; – ) ; )
  • : – ( : (
  • : – P : P
  • : – D : D
  • : – O : O
  • *_* *__* *_____*
  • :-/ :/
  • :-* :*
  • <3

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