Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20200213)

ATSX – Market Index

This release mainly features the new market index ATSX and warrants.


The ATSX is a Laspeyres price index weighted by the free float market capitalisation of its members. It represents the current market.


Market indices prices are calculated on a 5-minute basis. Currently there is only one index provided by the Alphabanker. In the future it will be possible for every user, company or alliance to create indexes.

ATSX members

The ATSX members are the biggest companies in the market that have a free float of > 90%. In case of capital actions or reordering due to price changes and such the prices will be adjusted by a price adjumstment factor which stabilizes the value of the index. Once a week all index members factors are reset and the index gets newly chained resulting in a updated chaining factor of the index. 

ATSX in sidebar


By buying warrants it is possible to speculate on a falling or rising ATSX value.

ATSX warrants

A warrant is repaid at the end of the subscription period. If a call warrant has been bought and the ATSX is above the underlying value, the investor will participate of the win until the price is above the cap value. It can be used to speculate on a rising price value. A put warrant can be used to speculate on a falling ATSX. The issuer earns an agio of 1 percent. Because of the ratio, warrants provide a leverage on the underlying.

Warrant details

Warrants are listed securities and can be traded like any other.

Warrants for any securityWarrants can be issued on any active security.

Warrants API

Currently there is no UI for issuing warrants yet. API users can use the open API to do so.

New Logos and ASINs for AT Securities

AlphaCoins and the new ATSX now have own logos.

AlphaCoins logo

Additionally AlphaBank, AlphaCoins and ATSX got new ASINs which are easy to remember: STALPHBANK, ACALPHCOIN and IDATSX30MC.

Logos for all securities

All securities get generated logos, not only companies.

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