Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20221012)

Interest tender

With the interest rate tender process, the key interest rate is determined daily. In addition, banks bid on an interest-free interest tender bond from Alpha Bank. Bids in the range of 98% and 102% of the nominal value are possible. A bid of 98% corresponds to an interest rate of 2%, the bidder bank effectively receives 2% interest on the nominal value of the bond at maturity. A bid of 102% corresponds to an interest rate of -2% – the bidder bank effectively pays Alpha Bank 2% interest on the nominal value of the bond. One interest rate tender bond with a term of seven days is issued each day. This starts the bidding process, in which banks can submit their bids up to a maximum of their system loan amount.

At the end of the bidding process, all bids are served OTC automatically and the volume-weighted average interest rate is calculated from the bids. The average of the last 30-day average interest rate corresponds to the new main interest rate. The resulting reseve interest rate can never be negative but can fall down to 0.0000%. The main interest rate itself can be negative and affects the offered system bonds.

The feature can be found on the banking page of a company.

More interesting posts with style attribute

It is now possible to style your postings with the style=“…“ html attribute.

Persistent table ordering and filtering

The ordering of a table and its filter text is preserved for another future access.

Sponsoring of features

Supporting players can sponsor the development and maintenance of features.

Sponsors get a colorful icon depending on their sponsorship

All-time and latest sponsors are listed in two tables.

New line after quoting a chat message

To visualize a quotation better a new line is inserted into the quoting chat message.

Boosting the reserve interest rate

The boost makes it possible to temporarily increase the interest rate by paying AlphaCoins. The increase is valid for a maximum of 24 hours until the next interest payment. Until then, the boost and deposit cannot be increased.

The feature can be found on the banking page of a company.

Get all coins with one click

It is now possible to gather all coin rewards for achievements with a single click on the button on the empire page.

Restricted number of chat messages highscore

The user highscore for sent chat messages is restricted to a time period of the last 7 days.

Less limits on private sell orders

You can now sell from your private portfolio without the need to ensure a price above -20.0% of the last price of a security.

More company development data

The empire page shows detailed data about the user’s controlled companies.

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