Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20170317)

Employ CEO Poll

If the initiator of an employ ceo poll already has more than 50 percent of all voices the poll will be immediately executed. It is not necessary any more to vote and cast the vote manually. Hence taking over a company only takes a single click.

Additionally, the minimum company age from which on employ ceo polls are possible is lowered from 7 to 3 days and for companies with only one single share holder (e.g. the company itself) it is always possible.


The Alpha Team sets a focus to explain all important or complex mechanics and terms in the official Wiki.

Search the Wiki

For gaining deep insight on a specific topic you only need to select the unknown term(s). A menu with a direct link to the wiki search will appear.


To access older chat messages scrolling to the top of the chat is sufficient. Before only the last 50 messages could be accessed.

New Server

Due to hardware defects of the old server a new server was rented, set up and frontend and backend have been moved to it. The new server offers a slightly better hardware setup and hopefully less downtime because of hardware defects.

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