Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180405)

Your own portfolio and performance improvements

This release features two milestones:

  • My portfolio – you can trade with your private cash
  • PHP-free UI – the website relies on html, css and js only and hence reacts faster

My Portfolio

Your own portfolio offers a variety of new possibilities. Despiting the ability to trade with the money you have earned as a CEO stocks of your newly founded companies are transferred to your own portfolio.

Changed sidebar

The former user page is separated into five subpages now. The first shows some information about the user and his employments. ‚My Portfolio‘ leads to the new personal portfolio. ‚Account Statement‘, ‚Polls‘ and ‚Found company‘ hold the boxes which were shown on the old user page.

Your message

Chat messages sent by yourself and all clearly personal pages like your own portfolio and your user page for example share the same background color in order to give you certainty about being in a personal or corporate context without the need to check the sidebar.

Shareholders with private investor

Private investors can be found in the securities‘ shareholders page. 

Repo-free portfolio

For portfolios that do not contain any repos the repos chart is not displayed anymore.

PHP-free UI

What has started with the beginnning of the last release has now come to an end: The website is driven via JavaScript only. Additionally several measurements were taken in order to improve the site’s performance:

  • Minimized HTML, CSS, JS and images with a new gulp.js build
  • New templating engine
  • Use of CDNs for all external libraries
  • Heavy caching of all assets (HTML, CSS, JS and images)
  • Usage of minified CSS and JS for external libraries only

New URI scheme

A new URI scheme got implemented. There is no need of „/en/“ or „/de/“ in the addresses anymore. Old URLs still do work however. They are redirected to match the new URI scheme.

Surfing to a non-existing page

The error page got a makeover. It offers you 3 ways to deal with the error you have experienced. You can try it out by yourself.

The new error page

It lets you send an email with your email app in case anything does not work anymore. It shows a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street (2013).

Every page has an own title now to prevent you getting lost with several open windows or tabs.

You can find the dev and nightly branch under new addresses (the old ones are redirected too):

Pillow Tabs

The two usages of tabs are replaced with pillow tabs for more clean rendering.


Notifications and the login/registration page now use pillow tabs.

Login page

Alpha Bank Shortcut

It is now possible to get to the Alpha Bank via the sidebar.

Alpha Bank in the sidebar

Improved Order Page

Placing an order moved up in the sidebar to make clear that it is the same page for your own and for a corporate portfolio.

Place Order in sidebar

The order page distinguishes between your personal portfolio and the corporate one of the currently selected company.

Corporate portfolio selected

The backbground color changes when you select ‚My Portfolio‘ to ensure you with which portfolio you are placing this order.

My portfolio selected

The form got a slight makeover to make it clear which options were chosen.

The order form

It is now possible to delete old orders.

Old order deletion

Date pickerMarket Filters

The market filters got a slight layout makeover featuring arrows to show which fiter part is collapsed.

Maket filters collapsibles

Banking Page

The baking page makes it clear what is needed to request a banking license now.

Banking license page

Security Page Layout

The security profile features more equally high boxes now.

Security profile page

News Layout Improvements

The news posts got a layout makeover to prevent text from overlapping the post’s box.

News articleImproved Login Page

If you happen to not be able to log in anymore or if you have a problem registering a new user you can now use the email form on the login page.

Message our support

Email formImproved Notifies

Notifications will now be shown with all of their details in the upper right corner. ASINs are automatically replaced by links to let you get to the traded security without the need to open the notifications page.

Improved notify

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