Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180429)

Achievements, Current Orders and new Market Filter Option

In this release we focused on helping you track your progress with achievements.


Achievements are milestones that you can reach once or periodically. As a start there are currently five achievements:

  1. My first Coin: To achieve that one you need to transfer a coin to your portfolio
  2. Novice Trader: Place an order
  3. Trading Expert: Trade 100 times
  4. Five Orders per Day: Trade five times a day (can be achieved every day)
  5. 100 Trades per Week: Trade 100 times a week (can be achieved every week)

As a reward you get one, ten or 100 AlphaCoins for the currently existing achievements (more to come).

Achievements in Progress

You can track your progress for each achievement that you haven’t reached yet.


Achieved ones are shown in another table. You see when you have reached it and you can transfer you coin reward to your own portfolio.

Periodical Achievement

Once you have reached a periodic achievement you can check the Date of End column when you can get it the next time. Take care that you need to click the coin reward button within that period to get your AlphaCoin.

Achievement accomplished

Once you have reached an achievement you will get a popup notification about it.


You can check your achievements via the sidebar menu.

Coin Reward ready

The sidebar changes when there are coins to fetch.

Level in Likes

Achievement level in chat

Wherever a user is shown you can check his/her achievement level. The color and number reflects the percentage of how many achievements the user has reached.

User profile

You can check a user’s achievements by clicking on the achievement level or trophy icon.


Current Orders

The Live Market Statistics page shows the current orders.

Current Orders


New Market Filter Option

It is now possible to filter textual fields by not containing a string.

Does not contain filter

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