Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180531)

Progressive Web App (PWA), Welcome Pages for new Players & SEO

This release focused on improving the game’s accessibility.

Progressive Web App

In order to turn the mobile weg page into a progressive web app the page was improved in terms of performance and accessibility. A service worker for better caching, offline functionality and faster responses was set up.

100% PWAAfter you have interacted for at least 30 seconds with the website a button for adding it to the home screen appears.

Add to Home Screen

In case you do not want to wait or the button does not appear, you can use the browser menu to call the add to home screen action manually. Progressive web apps have no browser bars and appear like a native app but show a web page.


Welcome Pages

For introducing new players to the website and for providing all important information to visitors two welcome pages were added. One in German and one in English.

Welcome Page

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order to provide more usefule information to visitors from search engines, every page got a new describing title and a description which will be shown in search results. Additional other measures were taken to improve the overall quality of search results.

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