Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180611)

Historized Data for Listings & Companies, 2 Employ CEO Polls, Localized Lobby Chats etc.

This release includes several smaller changes and one big feature. Let’s have a look at the biggest feature first.

Historized Data

Every 24 hours the most important data of listings are fixed and historized. The fixed data includes the date of the fixing, OHLC prices for the timespan between two fixings (or the start date of the listing for new listings), the current bid and ask prices, the demand and offer of shares (the sum of shares in buy and sell orders), the number of outstanding shares and the trading volume (the sum of volume traded of the listing within that period).

Listing Development

For active companies there is more data in a second table. Cash sum, cashflow (the change of the bank account within that period), bonds volume, repos volume, system repos volume, book value, book value per share, net cash, net cash per share and the amount of central bank reserves.

Company Development

The tables can be found on every listing profile page. Once there is sufficient data, charts for the different data columns can be added in an upcoming release.

Net Cash & Book Value

Net cash, net cash per share, book value and book value per share are shown in the company details box on stock listing profiles.

Net Cash & Book Value

The net cash per share and book value per share values appear green when the current ask price is below the value, red when the ask price is higher and in the usual grey if they are the same or there is no share on the sell side at all.

Employ CEO Polls

To avoid employment CEO poll spamming every player can only have two active ceo employment polls per company.

Localized Lobby Chats

The Alphabanker creates Lobby Chats according to the used locale. There is a german and an english speaking one (besides the existing Lobby Chat). All are still public chatrooms. New players will become members of the fitting chatroom automatically.

Localized Lobby Chats


You may have noticed the new Blog menu item. It’s basically the same content as the changelog but it is available without being logged in, allowing visitors and search enginge crawlers get more information without the need of logging in.


Central Bank Reserves Interest Rate

The banking page now shows the current interest rate on central bank reserves.

Interest Rate

Top Lists

Alpha-Trader.com is now listed on several browsergame top list websites.

Top Lists

Google Search Analysis

Some fun facts from the google search analysis:

  • Most visitors come from Brazil, Colombia, India and Germany (in that order)
  • We get the most clicks and impressions of search terms similiar to Alpha-Trader.com like ‚alphatrader‘ or ‚alpha traders‘ and misspelled searches like ‚alfa trader‘
  • The highest ranked english term is ’stock simulator‘ followed by ‚financial market‘ and ’share game‘
  • The highest ranked foreign search term is ‚börsenspiel‘ (German for stock exchange game) followed by ‚börsenspiel 2018‘ and ‚Marktmodell‘ (German for market model)

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