Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180618)

Highscores, Achievements, Ordering by Volume & Layout Changes

This time we focused on creating some highscores for users and companies.


The newly added highscores can be found in the side menu bar.


There are highscore tables for users and for companies. They get automatically updated in blocks during the day.

User Highscore

There are four different user highscores:

  • Achievements – the higher the percentage the better the rank
  • Miner – who mines the most coins per hour
  • Chat Messages – the sum of sent chat messages
  • Trades – the number of personal trades in the last ten days

Company Highscore

There are five company highscores:

  • Book Value – the higher the better (fixed daily, check the listing profile)
  • Net Cash – more means better ranked (fixed daily, check the listing profile)
  • Trades – the number of corporate trades in the last ten days
  • Cashflow – the higher the better (fixed daily, check the listing profile)
  • Central Bank Reserves – for all the banks (fixed daily, check the listing profile)

New Achievements

New Achievements for the user highscores were added.

New Achievements

Ordering Securities & Issuing Bonds by Volume

You can now input the cash sum and use a button to set the number of shares to trade.


Issuing bonds by entereing the cash sum is now possible too.

Issuing Bonds by Cash amount

Cleaning up the Top Bar

The company selection and the cash infos were moved to the sidebar, hence there is more free space for showing market information on the desktop in a future release and the layout isn’t broken on mobile phones.

Company Selection

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