Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180725)

Message Boards

Despite some performance improvements, some minor bug fixes and some layout tweaks this release features message boards.

New Menu Group

To gather all pages that deal with the community a new navigation group in the sidebar was added: Community.



There are public and private message boards. Public message boards can be found without invitation and everyone can join and discuss in them. Once you participate a message board or join one or be added to one you see those message boards in your message board subscriptions.

Message Board Subscriptions


If you have the impression that a message board title or description are offending or against legal law use the complaint button to file a complaint about and send a notification message to the owner.


Newest Discussions

The main message boards page shows supscriptions and newest discussions of your subscribed message boards.

Newes Discussions

List of Public Message Boards

On the main message boards page you can browse all public message boards.

List of Public Message Boards 

Open a new Message Board

On the main message boards page you can add new message boards.

New Board


Message Board Page

If you open a message board you see its subboards (if it has any) and the discussions of it.

Message Board Page

You can start a new thread below.

New thread


Message Board Properties

You can change the name, description, locale and visibility of a message board.

You can change memberships, add members or remove them too.




You can add subboards to any (sub)board on its page.

New Subboard

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