Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180730)

Quick Ordering & Market Filter Results

A new quick ordering system was added to the website and market filter results get presented better.

Quick Ordering

Quick ordering can be active for your private portfolio or the corporate portfolio of the currently selected company.

Enabling Quick Ordering

It can be used on different pages, for example the portfolio.

Disabled Buttons

Once you click on the grey quick order buttons you are asked whether you want to start quick ordering on this page. Afterwards the order is sent and all quick order buttons are enabled.

Enabled Quick Order Buttons

The first icon shows you wether you are using your private portfolio or the corporate one.

Refresh buttons were added to several tables with quick ordering function.

Refresh Buttons

You can use the quick ordering function in tables on the portfolio page, the securities list page, the orderbook page, the market filter results and the listing page.

Listing with Quick Ordering Support

Better Market Filter Results

The presentation of market filter results was improved. Values are formatted according to their type, translations were added and quick ordering was enabled as well.

Market Filter Results with Quick Ordering

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