Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180802)

Alliances, History, Achievevements & Font Awesome Icon Update

This release features four big changes. To allow players to collaborate and play together alliances were added.


An alliance is a group of players that unite. It comes along with a message board and chat.


An alliance has a name, a formatted description, a locale and members.


You can change its name, its description, its logo and its logo with the alliance properties.


Members can be added or removed and existing memberships can be adjusted there too. The usage should be well-known already from chatrooms and message boards.

User with alliance

Once a user joined or create an alliance it will be visible on the user’s profile page. It shows the alliance and the role of the user’s membership.

List of Alliances

To find existing alliances or found a new one you can check out the Community->Alliances page.

Alliances Highscore

All alliances take part in the alliance highscores. Every highscore including those of users and companies has now a descriptive subtitle to its tile.

Cooperation between Alliances

The alliance’s chat and message board are only loosely connected to the alliance. If a member joins or leaves the alliance it is automatically added as an author to the alliance’s chat and message board. The owner of the alliance can then adjust permissions in the chat and message board and even add users to them that are not a member of the alliance (yet). This way it is possible for alliances to cooperate closely without the need of unifying the alliances too.

History Pages

Alliances, Companies and Users now have history pages.

Alliance History

The history keeps track on major milestones and changes.

User History


Not only users can earn achievements, companies can earn AlphaCoins and trophies through reaching certain achievment goals.

Alliance Achievements

Alliances can earn achievements too. Once an alliance reached a new achievement, all logged in members are informed about it. Every member of the alliance can then collect the reward which is then sent to all members equally.


Font Awesome Icon Update

All icons were upgraded to the latest Font Awesome icon set. In the course of that all buttons and page titles got icons. Some icons were changed to represent their use case better.

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