Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180913)

Move, Moderate and Search Message Board Postings & Disable Notification Popups

This smaller release features three improvements for postings and the possibility to disable notification popups.

Move Message Board Postings

It is now possible to move message board postings from one message board to another (sub)board of the same message board branch. That means you can move it to the root message board and all subboards of it.

Message Board Posting

The posting’s message board is shown.

Posting's message board

It can be changed to its new board.

New message board

Afterwards the user will be redirected to the set message board.

Moderate Postings

It’s now possible to moderate message board and news posts. Everyone can (try to) edit or delete postings but only if you have the permission to do so you can actually perform that task.

Moderation buttons

This allows message board moderators to edit, move or delete other author’s postings and alliance press officers to edit the news postings of another press officer.

Search Message Board Postings

The discussions table of a message board now offers a search field.

Search postings

This allow you to search for all postings of the message board and its subboards including comments.

Search discussions

Disable Notification Popups

If you have a lot of open orders it can happen that get notified about successful trades and such every few seconds. To prevent you getting notification spammed or if you are on a mobile device it is now possible to turn the notification popups off.

Turned on notification popups

Turning them off does not affect the notification count, you just do not see those blue detailed notification popups.

Turned off notification popups

If you are interested in what is going on you can still click on the bell and check out the detailed notifications in the table of the notifications page.

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