Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180730)

Quick Ordering & Market Filter Results A new quick ordering system was added to the website and market filter results get presented better. Quick Ordering Quick ordering can be active for your private portfolio or the corporate portfolio of the currently selected company. It can be used on different pages, for example the portfolio. Once … Weiterlesen

Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180725)

Message Boards Despite some performance improvements, some minor bug fixes and some layout tweaks this release features message boards. New Menu Group To gather all pages that deal with the community a new navigation group in the sidebar was added: Community. Subscriptions There are public and private message boards. Public message boards can be found … Weiterlesen

Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180618)

Highscores, Achievements, Ordering by Volume & Layout Changes This time we focused on creating some highscores for users and companies. Highscores The newly added highscores can be found in the side menu bar. There are highscore tables for users and for companies. They get automatically updated in blocks during the day. There are four different … Weiterlesen

Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180611)

Historized Data for Listings & Companies, 2 Employ CEO Polls, Localized Lobby Chats etc. This release includes several smaller changes and one big feature. Let’s have a look at the biggest feature first. Historized Data Every 24 hours the most important data of listings are fixed and historized. The fixed data includes the date of the … Weiterlesen

Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180531)

Progressive Web App (PWA), Welcome Pages for new Players & SEO This release focused on improving the game’s accessibility. Progressive Web App In order to turn the mobile weg page into a progressive web app the page was improved in terms of performance and accessibility. A service worker for better caching, offline functionality and faster … Weiterlesen

Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180527)

Tour, In-Game Help and Market Filter Optimization The current release focused on helping especially the new users to get into the game. The Tour After registering a new user the tour starts immediately. The tour explains all the most important parts of the game and lets the user make first steps. You visit all important … Weiterlesen

Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180429)

Achievements, Current Orders and new Market Filter Option In this release we focused on helping you track your progress with achievements. Achievements Achievements are milestones that you can reach once or periodically. As a start there are currently five achievements: My first Coin: To achieve that one you need to transfer a coin to your … Weiterlesen

Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180412)

AlphaCoins, Graphics and Companies Just a week has passed since the last release but here is another one 🙂 AlphaCoins AlphaCoins is a new digital currency that is securitized and listed. AlphaCoins can be created by users with their miner. Every user owns a miner. It can be found through the sidebar under [USER] -> … Weiterlesen

Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20180405)

Your own portfolio and performance improvements This release features two milestones: My portfolio – you can trade with your private cash PHP-free UI – the website relies on html, css and js only and hence reacts faster My Portfolio Your own portfolio offers a variety of new possibilities. Despiting the ability to trade with the … Weiterlesen

Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20171031)

Performance and Usability Updates The search box in the top bar uses the websocket API The amount of private cash is now updated instantly (no reloading of page required) Switching the company does not require a page reload anymore A new employment, being dismissed, founding a company or the liquidation of a controlled company leads … Weiterlesen